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Memberships and Benifits

SAB invites everyone (Indian Citizens, Non-Resident Indians and Foreign Nationals) who are interested in biotechnology and its related disciplines and want to join the Society to help in the overall development of this field. Memberships are effective from 1st January to 31st December of each year.

SAB Honorary Membership
SAB Honorary Member is a special membership category in which distinguished personalities are honored in recognition to their valuable contribution to SAB. They should have made significant contribution to biotechnology regionally, nationally or internationally. SAB Executive Board keeps the right for selection and decision about an honorary member and their duration on the post. Honorary member cannot take part directly in SAB’s decision but provide guidance and suggestions. They chair all the programs organized by SAB and help SAB to advance.
SAB Fellow Membership

The Fellow Members can get the e-journal for whole of the life and one can use the title ‘FSAB’, Fellow Society for Applied Biotechnology. In addition, (1) Fellow members can attend annual conference of the society at reduced registration fee for all the time; (2) Fellow members are encouraged to organize conferences, training courses, workshops, seminar and symposia with the society at the national and international level; (3) Fellow member can publish one article every year to the journal, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Bioengineering without any publication charges.

The SAB Fellow Membership fee for Indian Nationals is Rs. 6000 and for Non-Resident of India and Foreign Nationals is USD 150.

SAB Corporate Membership/SAB Patron Membership

SAB Corporate Membership can be obtained by a commercial/educational institution related to biotechnology and related fields. A corporate member organization can receive many benefits from the part of our society through different media.

The SAB Corporate Membership/SAB Patron Membership fee for Indian Nationals is Rs. 15,000 for lifetime and Rs. 8,000 for five years; whereas for Non-Resident of India and Foreign Nationals is USD 300 for lifetime and USD 200 for five years.

How to apply for membership?
If you are interested in applying for the SAB Membership please download the form (.pdf or .doc), fill and send electronically to the Membership Secretary, Dr. Sheriya at info@isabt.org .
SAB Membership Cancellation Policies
Members may cancel their membership at any time for any reason. No refunds will be issued for cancelled memberships. To cancel your SAB membership, please email at info@isabt.org

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